Adding + Browsing

colinc colinc at
Sun Apr 30 17:24:16 PDT 2000

I seem to have a problem with freeside when the customers have been entered into
the mysql database. I am running freeside 1.2.3 on Linux Slackware 2.0.34

After defining all the services, packages, agents etc. I add a customer + the
associated package with no problems.
When I attempt to select the browse 'customers by last name' (or any browse by
customer link) there is absolutely no customers listed, however, if i select
browse by 'package by package number' the package for that customer would be
listed and i can access the customer details through here. The same 'no matching
customers found' message is also displayed when i attempt to search customers.

I did notice that if I did not setup the services and therefore did not assign a
package to the customer when adding a customer, i could browse by customer options
and search the customers, however, once i defined a service and package and assign
the customers the packages, they can no longer be browsed or searched, but can
still access the details through the browse by package options.

Any help would be appreciated.

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