Not exactly a problem per se,but.

Chuck Cochems zaphod at
Sat Apr 29 15:33:06 PDT 2000

The ISP i'm using this for runs multiple machines.  The load is split
between multiple individual servers.

Everyone with a dialup  has an account on one machine.  This account is
checked by the default radius setup. the practical upshoot is the people
with dynamic PP IPs require no additions to the radius database.

However, there are many different web servers in use.  Most people that
don't have virtual domains are on one, and all of them contain virtual
domains.  As near as I can make out, you can't pick what machines to add
to with freeside. you add to everything in "shellmachines" with every
user that uses a shell service.  What is needed is seperate services for
each shell machine, or anability to specify which machine the account is
added to.

Perhaps freeside does allow this, but the documentation seems horribly
cryptic, and I don't see how to work it.

Also, the functionaility to create entries in RelayTo when doing
sendmail automation isn't there.  Sometimes an entry will need to be in
RelayTo but not in (e.g. they have a dialup SMTP gateway,
and must relay through the machine, but their mail isnt stored on it.)

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