[freeside] Integration with RADIUS and mail

Michael Bielicki Michael.Bielicki at linkdesign.com
Mon Oct 11 12:04:43 PDT 1999

I am trying to achieve the same in a slightly different combination:
wu-ftpd with mysql
qmail - with mysql
checkpassword for qmail-pop3d with mysql
icradius with mysql

The whole authntication and mail and ftp aso aso aso basically runs 
only from a DB
anybody has a document how to implement this ?


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On 11.10.99, 18:54:58, Kenn Martin <kmartin at infoteam.com> wrote 
regarding [freeside] Integration with RADIUS and mail:

> We've been using Freeside for a couple weeks in a test rollout.  Does
> anyone have any pointers on integrating Freeside/MySQL with ICRADIUS
> (Cistron + MySQL)?  We will also want to tie into Cyrus with MySQL in
> the very near future.  Is there any clear design document that 
> where the hooks would be made?

> I've seen comments in a file or two that leads me to believe it is
> doable, but I just need pointed in the right direction.  I've also
> seen comments in the archives about replication through MySQL.  Is
> that what will ultimately be required or is there a tighter (more
> integrated solution)?

> If it matters, the systems are running FreeBSD 3.3-STABLE, 
> MySQL-3.22.26a, ICRADIUS-0.9, Cyrus-1.5.19, and Postfix-19990906-pl02.

> Thanks,
> Kenn

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