[freeside] Editing Users File Format

dk smith dks at spies.com
Thu Jul 8 11:50:02 PDT 1999

I am in the same boat. Any swift answers to the list will be appreciated.
Modifying the source should not be too difficult for this, however, I am
unsure about the $ip variable not being not equal to 0e0. Is that just an
arbitrary flag for NULL in some particular case? Where does the $ip
manifest itself in the GUI??

I also have a situation wherein the wrong "service type" is set on several
accounts. For example, accounts such as root, bin, uucp are set as "Dialup
only"  which causes the Radius user file to filled with all of those
accounts!!! This seems like a problem to me. Can I fix it easily? Can
someone suggest what tools I need to make the changes? Is this an
opportunity for dbimon or is it easier to re-install/import? At this time I
only know how to spell SQL. So basic advice would be helpful...

PS: I did not perform the original config and import. Can anyone inform me
as to what might have been done wrong during the setup (which would cause
all those accounts to have an erroneous service type?

Thanks much...

However, for some reason when things got imported...

>How can I properly edit the svc_acct.export to eliminate the quotes from
>the Simultaneous-Use ="1" Attribute and eliminate the Frame-Adress =
>"" Attribute.
>My Radius Server will NOT accept the following format :
>username  Password  = "password"
>                     Simultaneous-Use  = "1",
>                     Framed- Address  = ""
>The format tha we need to have done is :
>username Password = "password" Expiration = "Jun 30 2000",
>Simultaneous-Use = 1
>I would also need a default entry to be generated in the users file that
>have the following format:
>Default   Password = "Unix"
>                 User-Service = Framed-User,
>                 Framed-Protocol = PPP,
>                 Framed-Routing = None,
>                 Ascend-Assign-IP-Pool = 1,
>                  Simultaneous-Use  = 1

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