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Wed Jul 7 23:52:17 PDT 1999

On Mon, Jul 05, 1999 at 08:34:19AM -0400, Frank Nazario wrote:
> hi ivan...
> a friend and i have been banging our heads installing freeside for our
> ISP's ( we both have one) and even though we have been able to do much
> of the installation we have problems concerning the sendmail and Merit
> AAA radius server....
> 1)  when i do a new user in my sendmail machine i just add this user
> using adduser and password using passwd user... the problem is that i
> want to know how we tell freeside to do this and what we have to do in
> both corners to do this should it be posibble...

See htdocs/docs/export.html

> 2) We both have a AAAMerit Radius Server in one machine... with standard
> user file located in defaults settings.....can u please explain how
> freeside creates this user files and what haves to be done to export
> this user file to the radius machine.....

Again, see htdocs/docs/export.html

> Even though i do understand that the documentation refers to both
> questions in a direct way i have not been able to desifer what to do and
> how.  Even though im computer oriented the explanation given in the
> documentation is not clear enough for me ......

Specific queries about the bits you don't understand are likely to receive
a response (from me, anyway).  Sorry it isn't clear.

Any documentation patches will of course be gladly accepted.

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