Ben Leibig leibig at interfaze.net
Tue Aug 10 23:50:29 PDT 1999

I think I found a bug, although maybe not... You never know.

1: My problems coming from cust_pay_batch were due to the fact that people
were hitting the bill now button when then added a new customer.  The bill
script doesn't look at invoices, only unbilled customers... Due to this, the
customers bill wouldn't show up in cust_pay_batch. Maybe I misunderstood the

2: I was poking around my database, and there's a lot of invoices in
cust_bill that have the owed amount = the charged amount.  The customers had
paid by check, and the payment showed up when I looked at the customer in
freeside.  It seems like when you enter a payment into freeside it doesn't
subtract it from the amount owed in the corresponding invoice in cust_bill.

Also, looking at the schema reference it appears that a customer can only be
billed by email OR postal mail(due to the definition of dest in
cust_main_invoice).  This is fine, but wouldn't it make more sense to change
the option on the web page to a radio button.

Lastly, how's the automated signup coming along?

	Wish I wasn't such a perl neophyte, I'd love to help develop but for now
I'll just have to point out bugs :(


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