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Ivan Kohler ivan at
Thu Apr 29 02:31:25 PDT 1999

On Tue, Apr 27, 1999 at 04:03:44PM -0700, Perry J. Blalock wrote:
> Nevermind, fixed this too...but, now I have a problems with two areas:
> First, when I try to add a tax rate to a state in the state table, I
> continue to get an "Illegal"

Please describe *EXACTLY* what you put in which form field, and the
*EXACT* error message.

> Second, when trying to add a new user I get two types of errors; first one
> is when I place an e-mail address and select the "submit," Freeside
> complains with "Error: Unknown local account (specified literally)"

You probably put a (local) email address in for email invoices.  Freeside
stores these as references to the database records, so (for example) they
follow username changes. 

I'm guessing you put in the email address that you were creating, and got
that error because it didn't exist yet.  Sounds like a buglet to me.  I'll
try to fix that soon; in the meantime you can add the invoicing email
address afterwords.

> Ok, so I ask Freeside to do a "Postal mail invoice" and it complains with
> "Error: Illegal shell"

I don't think this is related to postal mail invoicing, just that the
above error message was first.

Possibly, you didn't set a default or a fixed shell for the service (in
the package) that you're ordering.  Go to the 'View/Edit service
definitions' in the Administration section of the web interface, and edit
the service definition.  As it says on the edit page, "all service
definitions should have a default or fixed shell that is present in the
shells configuration file".

Or, perhaps you didn't add that shell to the shells configuration file. 

> I do hope that Freeside isn't assuming that it'll be setting up new user
> accounts on the same server that it itself is running on???

Considering the number of people I've flamed for trying to set it up this
way (for testing) (sorry guys!), I'd hope so too.

> What seems to be causing all the problems (besides me, the user :-) )

Probably the documentation is not clear.  Updates are welcome.  I've been
doing this so long I find it hard to see things from a new user point of

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