Illegal Line in secrets and/or mapsecrets

Joel Griffiths griff at
Wed Apr 28 11:11:44 PDT 1999

Hello all:
---- Possibly relevant information
Perl - Version 5.005_02
RedHat 5.2 - All updates installed
MySQL - 3.22.21
Apache - 1.3.3

---- Problem #1
I'm getting an error about invalid lines in my mapsecrets and secrets file. The
mapsecrets file gives an error like this:
Illegal line in /usr/local/etc/freeside//mapsecrets: freeside secrets griff

When I use a secrets file like this:
freeside secrets
griff secrets

It gets past this, however, when I change the mapsecrets to this:
freeside secrets

It seems to only recognize a single user in the freeside database.

---- Problem #2
When I am pointed to the secrets file properly (using the second example
above), I get a very similar error message:
Illegal line in /usr/local/etc/freeside//secrets: DBI:mysql:freeside freeside

with this secrets file:

If I remove the password/username completely from the secrets file,
the database MySQL, complains about not being able to log in, but it does TRY
to log in. I would generally not want to remove the mysql password to make this
work. I've read the mailing lists pretty thoroughly (though, I imagine it's
somewhere in there - a search tool would be nice) but haven't come across this

Does anybody know what I am doing wrong?

Thanks -- Joel Griffiths

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