Action: Default or Fix?

Ivan Kohler ivan at
Sat Sep 26 14:56:45 PDT 1998


It lets you provide a _default_, or unchangable _fixed_ value, for that

Defaults are, well... defaults.  You can set a default for any field, for
example you might want a default shell of `/bin/sh'.

For example, when createing a service with table svc_acct, I might set a
fixed IP address (slipip) of `' to prevent static IPs from being
ordered, or a fixed null uid for dial-only accounts, or a fixed null
slipip for shell accounts (maybe with a fixed shell of `/bin/true' for POP

You can use this when creating services with table svc_acct_sm or
svc_domain also.

Hope that helps.

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On Sat, 26 Sep 1998, Tom T. Thai wrote:

> I don't understand the purpose of Default or Fix option in either the
> table entry or when you add a new service.
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