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Ivan Kohler ivan at sisd.com
Thu Sep 17 22:41:51 PDT 1998

On Thu, 17 Sep 1998, David Ford wrote:

> Howdy all,
>             Just our of interest whats is/was the plan for the unimplemented
> frequency and program in agent types?

`frequency' refers to the intervals at which an agent's commission will be
calculated, and `program' will be the formula used to calculate that
commission, as a perl expression.

> I notice its been in both freeside 1.0.0 and 1.1.x, is there another feature
> that was/is going to be added but hasnt?

There is a whole TODO file full of features that will be added but haven't
yet, though you should probably get the TODO from fs-current rather than
1.1.1 if you want a more accurate picture.

Contributions / patches / suggestions / etc. are of course welcome!  :)

I will try and have fs-current up on anonymous CVS before ISPCON.  I'm
working on manpages for the Perl modules right now. 

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