Adding users

David Ford stompnrun at
Sun Sep 13 02:40:11 PDT 1998

Howdy all,
        I appear to be having a slight bit of difficulty, when adding or
editing a users from "customer view"

enter the information on the first page fine, the checks work fine, but when
moving from

I always recieve the error:

Content-type: text/html
Software error:
Customer not found! at /fs-1.1.1/htdocs/view/cust_main.cgi line 58.

coinciding with the mysql logs of:

980913 19:03:08      6 Connect    freeside at localhost
                     6 Init DB    freeside
                     6 Query      SELECT * FROM cust_main WHERE custnum =
                     6 Quit

Any ideas?
If the page is refreshed it works fine but its a little annoying to have to
refresh the page each time and to explain to people that a refresh must be

maybe a sleep needs to be added at the correct point.


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