1.1.1 fixes a silly mistake in 1.1.0

Ivan Kohler ivan at sisd.com
Fri Sep 4 17:28:37 PDT 1998


1.1.1 fixes a silly mistake in 1.1.0:

bin/fs-setup comes up with the following errors:

Creating cust_main...Column 'company' is used with UNIQUE or INDEX but is
not defined as NOT NULL at bin/fs-setup line 162.
CREATE error: Column 'company' is used with UNIQUE or INDEX but is not
defined as NOT NULL
doing statement: CREATE TABLE cust_main ( state char(2) NOT NULL, county
varchar(80) NULL, payby char(4) NOT NULL, otaker varchar(8) NOT NULL, ss
char(11) NULL, paydate int NULL, first varchar(80) NOT NULL, payname
varchar(80) NULL, refnum int NOT NULL, tax char(1) NULL, daytime
varchar(20) NULL, custnum int NOT NULL,zip varchar(10) NOT NULL, last
varchar(80) NOT NULL, country char(2) NOT NULL, payinfo varchar(16) NULL,
company varchar(80) NULL, address1 varchar(80) NOT NULL, address2
varchar(80) NULL, city varchar(80) NOT NULL, night varchar(20)
NULL,agentnum int NOT NULL, fax varchar(12) NULL, PRIMARY KEY (custnum),
INDEX (last), INDEX (company) ) at bin/fs-setup line 162.

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