Sign Up Server

Martin G. Bayerle bayerle at
Sat Nov 7 11:20:34 PST 1998

>No, that is incorrect.  I will not be donating my Copious Free Time to the
>development of your non-open-source software.  I apologize if I mistakenly
>gave you that impression in some way.


The Minivend product, upon which our server relies, is made available 
under GNU Public License,

We only request that our free Sign-Up server can be used by any ISP (IDEA 
Member or not) on their own proprietary network.  The ONLY restriction we 
have is that (since we incurred development costs, contracting Mike Heins 
to do this) is as follows:

IDEA grants to Licensee the non-exclusive, non-transferable license to 
use, transmit, reproduce and/or copy the Software for operation, 
administration, security, host device emulation and client remote access 
purposes within Licensee's proprietary network, provided however, that: 
(a) such use of the Software is restricted to Licensee's proprietary 
network, the IDEA Network(tm) and/or other IDEA sanctioned programs; (b) 
use of the Software in conjunction with any other network, wholesale or 
roaming service, service bureau or other revenue generating business is 

In other words, although we make the server and its source freely 
available, (as well as all of our other products), we would not want it 
used by or be a benefit to an entity which is in direct competition to 
our core settlement/transaction business.  Networks asing the server on 
their own Networks is fine by us.


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