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Mark Williamson mark.williamson at
Mon Dec 21 19:18:52 PST 1998

sysop wrote:
> Gee, took me 45 minutes or so to make freeside work, you must be an idiot!
> And  I know almost nothing about linux
> Steve

Hmm..  interesting..   It took me a lot longer just to get fs-setup to
run though with out a mistake..

Did you get it to add users to a Radius server, and/or your password and
shadow files, First up?  What operating system are you running?  These
answer may help others build the Freeside package.

O.K. so far I have enjoyed my experience with Freeside..  as a learning
curve..  so far it has taught me a fair bit..  I believe Freeside still
has a way to go before till, it will suit every ISP or BBS systems
needs.. I also believe that anyone contemplating, running the type of
services that Freeside has available, will definitely have to have good
knowledge of securities, the way Linux networks, some script, Apache,
DNS etc.. 

Anyway I would like to hear how you go...


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