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Gee, took me 45 minutes or so to make freeside work, you must be an idiot!
And  I know almost nothing about linux


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Date: Saturday, December 19, 1998 11:12 AM
Subject: Re: Already in use

>Your solutions are all simple.
>While FreeSide looks like it could be a potentially great package, Ivan
>seems to help anyone very well. Not enough time hey Ivan? Or do you simply
>make it so it's that hard for people who dont know perl inside out to use
>FreeSide so that you can make some $$$$ installing it for idiots?
>The instructions for FreeSide are very uncomplete. I for one have had many
>trys at FreeSide, never getting the damn thing to work properley. It's been
>great challenge, never the less.
>I gave up on freeside long ago, and I've been laughing at you lot trying to
>it going, hoping you will, but knowing you dont stand much of a chance.
>I know that there are alot of people on this list with probs with
>Freeside would probably be good if the documentation was more extensive, if
>included the shortcuts (like instead of going to that place to get those
>modules, just getting the deb's for it from, those kinds
>hints would be good. It would be good if you (ivan) would give more
>answers when you reply to some people on this list, sometimes a "yes" or a
>isn't enough.. Sometimes an explantion is a great help.
>Ivan.. I dont like you very much. It's good that you are making a product
>freeside, and the only reason I'm not abusing you is because you dont
>to be abused in my books, as you wrote Freeside, which I'm sure someone has
>gotten some use out of.. From what I can tell, the majority of us havn't..
>Ivan.. the reason I dont like you is because you dont seem to help people
>this list as much as you could (and should as far as I believe).. If your
>emails back to these people with problems were just a little more
>you may save some people alot of time instead of rooting them around.
>Please un-subscribe me from your list. I no longer have any intrest in
>Thankyou for your time when trying to help me. It was very much
>Robert Davidson.
>roblo at
>On Sat, 19 Dec 1998, Jay wrote:
>>Here's a new one. When I go to add a user account via the FreeSide system,
>>it is added to the PostgreSQL database, but never added to the system. The
>>web browser just hangs for about 5 minutes, then times out with a no data
>>error. During that 'time out', if I do a 'ps auxwww' I see the ssh useradd
>>command hanging; it looks like ssh is never able to connect to
>>root at localhost to add the user. After it times out, if I sumbit the same
>>data again, it tells me that the username is already in use. Then, if I
>>got back to the main menu and browse the database, it shows all of the
>>users there, but still they were never entered into the password file.
>>Any sugguestions about how to get ssh to complete the process? Thanks. :)
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