Getting past the secuity messages

Ivan Kohler ivan at
Tue Aug 25 13:00:10 PDT 1998


I would recommend giving the 1.1 version a try; the documentation is much
more comprehensive.

On Tue, 18 Aug 1998, Mark Williamson wrote:

> Hello All,
> I have setup most of freeside..   I have manage to get fs-setup to run
> without an error..  still working my way though the documentation..  I
> have downloaded SSH and even installed..  but that's as far as I have
> gone with SSH at the moment... I will have another look at SSH later,
> hopely Freeside can run without SSH setup for the moment... 
> I have managed to setup sercuity inside Apache as far the .htaccess and
> the user file goes..   the part that I haven't at the moment is the CGI
> secuity part inside of Apache..   at the moment if I go to the Newuser
> Link in the Freesides main page all I get is "Forbidden You don't have
> permission to access /freeside/edit/cust_main.cgi on this server."..  
> Not sure but I probably still have to set more secuity for the cgi sub
> dir of freeside..   Umm probably in the access.conf file of Apache.. 
> has anyone got any hints for this..  and also what I should look out for
> what not to do as well?
> Thanks in advanve.
> Mark Williamson

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