Freeside 1.1.0

Ivan Kohler ivan at
Mon Aug 17 22:54:30 PDT 1998


I did use most of your patches.  Some of the stuff lost its Pg wrapper, a
few things were dropped (your right trimming code became the DBI option
ChopBlanks) and so on.

I've taken far too long for the next version, but I'm finally finishing up
the 1.1.0 version and was wondering if you had the time to test with Pg?

It would be worthwhile to get rid of CounterFile when possible.  Both
MySQL and Pg have sequence numbers.  The syntax is not portable,
however, so we will still neeed CounterFile as a fallback.

On Wed, 8 Apr 1998, News Subsystem wrote:

> Ivan,
> 	How goes the battle.  Were you able to use my patches for Pg6.3, 
> and the style changes?  Also, would it be a worthwhile change (in the 
> PG6.3 version) to get rid of  Pg6.3 has sequence number 
> tables which can do exactly what the does, but it is all 
> in the server.  In addition, it allows the following:
>   insert into cust_pkg (pkgnum, ..) values (nextval('cust_pkg_seqno'), ..) ;
> which allocates a unique pkgnum as it is inserted into cust_pkg.  This 
> gives a more atomic operation than you currently have, where you get a 
> number, do some data integrity checks and then add the new record.
> 	brian

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