[freeside-devel] Default Date

ivan ivan at 420.am
Fri Nov 30 18:58:31 PST 2001

On Thu, Nov 15, 2001 at 05:29:45PM -0600, Dave Burgess wrote:
> As always, I haven't looked really hard yet (I'm busy with data
> assurance right now) but there are a couple of foibles that I've found
> in the Customer Edit Screen:
> 1)  The "Attention" field in the "Billing" option is marked mandatory,
> but appears to be optional.  Is something going to be broken later on
> when I leave several hundred of these blank?

The customer's name will be filled in if this field is left blank. 

See the check subroutine in FS::cust_main or just look at your database.

Perhaps the "requried" marking on the customer edit screen should be
removed.  Patch appriciated.

> 2)  Is there a configuration option somewhere for the default Expiration
> Date?  It's defaulting to to Jan, 2001; which fails the rule of least
> astonishment.  Would one year from the current month be more appropriate
> for all of these entries?  If so, I'll look into changing it.

For credit cards, I think it should actually default blank and force you
to pick something.

For Billing, 2037 is appropriate, being as Freeside probably suffers from
the y2037 problem.  :) 

For complimentary, one year from the current month is appropriate.


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