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Jeff Finucane jeff at cmh.net
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Dave Burgess <burgess at neonramp.com> wrote on Thu, 15 Nov 2001 17:29:45 -0600....

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| Subject: [freeside-devel] Default Date
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| 2)  Is there a configuration option somewhere for the default Expiration
| Date?  It's defaulting to to Jan, 2001; which fails the rule of least
| astonishment.  Would one year from the current month be more appropriate
| for all of these entries?  If so, I'll look into changing it.

  I would say that a year from now also fails that rule.  Here are a couple
ideas.  Salt them to your taste.

  Default expiration for credit cards is today.
  Default expiration for invoice billing is the end of the epoch.
  Default expiration for complementary service is next month.

  While these would be my preferences, I have no idea what others are


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