[freeside-devel] And now for something completely different(code updates)

Dave Burgess burgess at neonramp.com
Fri Nov 30 15:05:48 PST 2001

Hello again;

Today's adventure:

I had to change line 104 in /edit/svc_forward.cgi and add 'my' as the
qualifier on the LHS of the assignment.  This also solves the
problem with a similar error on the RHS of line 105.  It also seems to make
the routine work fairly reliably (it has been problematic for me in the

I also changed the 'hidden' attribute on the edit/cust_main.cgi line 148 (the
referral_custnum) so that I could do direct data entry for the referrers.
Once I get the database converted to the new form, I'll probably change the
attribute back to hidden.

Talk to you again on Monday - I'm sure I'll probably have a whole slew of
cool stuff to add then.



Kristian Hoffmann wrote:

> On Tue, 27 Nov 2001, Dave Burgess wrote:
> ---snip---
> > Finally, I'd like to know if anyone other than me is even reading the
> > messages on this list?
> Pong!  I've been laying low because I've promised piles of merge patches
> but haven't had the time to make anything useful.  Our heavily modified
> 1.2.3-ish installation is working nicely and I'm afraid to touch it.  I'm
> going to have to very shortly so I might actually start getting some
> patches checked in.  One can hope.
> -Kristian

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