Latest Changes (and, of course, lots more questions).

Dave Burgess burgess at
Thu Nov 29 15:59:05 PST 2001

Last night, I went through the source and removed every reference to the
svc_acct_sm table, along with all of the scripts that update it.  Is this
something that anyone would want?

I noticed, with some anticipation, the svc_wo table and the svc_charge tables are
starting to show up.  How close are we on these to getting into the system?

I have removed all of the references to SSAN from the system.  The current use of
this information is inconsistent with the Privacy Act of 1974 WRT the definition
of a private system of records.  I would like to make this either 'no longer
available' or available through a setting in an option file.

I'm getting ready to go live with the new database (we are at the handwashing
stage for the data).  Has anyone produced a set of patches that actually
implement ACH?

It's a minor thing with me, but there are differences between the word
'depreciated' and 'deprecated'.  Unless the features that are being removed have
actually had their value to the company reduced through amortization, I would
like to make a suggestion that
we use the word 'deprecated' from now on.  I have included this in my set of
changes to the pre5 code.  Is anyone interested in these?

I asked once before about the proper method for submitting PRs and patches.  Can
someone give me the pointer to the document that describes how you want this

Is the source code for svc_www.cgi/*.html ready?  If not, would it be worth my
while to try and write it up quick?

Has anyone ever tried to write a freeside database verifier?  This would be a
good first step in writing a 'compressor' to get rid of records which are no
longer in use in the database.  Is anyone interested?  test/ might be a
good start, but it doesn't work in an ASP environment.

Has anyone changed the edit/cust_main.cgi to allow direct (or indirect) entry of
the referral_custnum?  This would be particularly cool for people that have
tracked referrals in the past but have never had a place to put it.

Dave Burgess

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