[freeside-users] Password requirements

Roderick Anderson raanders42 at gmail.com
Tue Nov 7 09:02:46 PST 2017

The friend I'm trying to help has run into an issue when trying to set a 
customer's password.  As I understand it is requiring a complex password 
with upper and lower case characters, numerals, and I think a special 

The customers already have passwords many of them not meeting this 
criteria.  Is there a method to override the complexity requirement? 
I've looked at the code (perl5/FS/) but can't find a specific module or 
method being called.  IsBadPassword seems to only look at the length and 
does a user info comparison and a dictionary look up.

    Is there a configuration setting that can call a null function/method.

Hopefully this will get through as the URL for the list archives is 
still returning a 404 and I can't search it.


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