[freeside-users] Installation on Ubuntu 16

Kevin kevo at gatorgraphics.com
Thu May 5 11:17:26 PDT 2016

I was able to spend some time on this today and got it installed and running on Ubuntu 16.04. There were a few gotchas compared to the instructions online.

I installed aptitude with apt and added the sources for the deb files as shown on the website.
sudo apt install aptitude

When installing the freeside packages, apache2-mpm-prefork, is listed as a dependency but there is no package for that anymore that I could find.

So what I ended up doing was downloading the .deb files manually and then installing with 
sudo dpkg -i --ignore-depends=apache2-mpm-prefork freeside_4.0-1_all.deb

I had to go through this a few times as there are other dependencies and if you don't have them in the right order it wants to remove previous packages with dependencies. I was able to get everything installed only ignoring the apache2-mpm-prefork package.

After getting everything installed I pretty much followed the instructions.

createuser is no longer interactive by default so I used this.
createuser -P freeside --createdb

I used the 2.4 apache conf file
sudo a2enconf freeside-base2.4

I needed to disable mpm_event
sudo a2dismod mpm_event

and then enable mpm_prefork
sudo a2enmod mpm_prefork

also rewrite
sudo a2enmod rewrite

and libapreq2
sudo a2enmod apreq2

when you add your user, skip the htpasswd part and use
freeside-adduser -g 1 username password

I think that's pretty much it.

Now I have to go through the config and test everything out to make sure it all actually works. At this point I can log in and navigate the web interface so it appears to be OK.

> On Apr 11, 2016, at 4:48 PM, Kevin <kevo at gatorgraphics.com> wrote:
> I haven't had much more time to spend on it yet, but I did get it installed on Debian 8 following the instructions in the wiki. I haven't been able to get the web interface to authenticate yet though. I think it might be something with the DBI setup, but I haven't had time to investigate it. 
> I thought it might be good to do some perl tutorials or something before going further. I can tell I'm going to want to have some clue about how to debug things if we end up using this system. I'd also like to put together some sort of integration map as I go that shows how everything is put together. The nice thing about open source is being able to fix it yourself if needed, but the bad thing is often times the best or only documentation is the code itself.
> - Kevin
>> On Apr 11, 2016, at 3:35 PM, Blair Davis <theory at wmwisp.net> wrote:
>> I'm also trying to get it going on Ubuntu, altho 14, not 16...
>> --
>> On 4/5/2016 4:25 PM, Kevin wrote:
>>> I've been thinking about updating some of my servers to Ubuntu 16 when it's released and recently ran across Freeside again after not really thinking about it for years. I thought I would try and throw it up on a Ubuntu 16b2 VM and check out the new Ubuntu and Freeside at the same time. We might want to use Freeside as a replacement for Platypus at some point.
>>> I got stuck early in the process. It seems there is no release file or gpg signing of the repo packages. Any chance that will get added.
>>> If not should I just abandon the idea of loading it on Ubuntu and go straight Debian?
>>> Also, I have seen mention of the possibility of migrating data from Platypus. Is there any info on that anywhere?
>>> Thanks,
>>> Kevin
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