[freeside-users] Error during fresh install

Fernando M. Kiernan fkiernan at id.net.ar
Sat Feb 20 14:28:07 PST 2016

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> Subject: [freeside-users] Error during fresh install
> I am getting the following error on a fresh install of 3.9 on wheezy, has
> anyone else seen this of have an idea how to rectify it?
> error using FS::part_event::Condition::has_cust_payby_auto (skipping):
> Can't locate object method "cust_payby2shortname" via package
> "FS::payby" at
> /usr/local/share/perl/5.20.2/FS/part_event/Condition/has_cust_payby_aut
> o.pm
> line 13.
> Compilation failed in require at (eval 189) line 1.
> BEGIN failed--compilation aborted at (eval 189) line 1.
> Thnx
> Dickie

Hi, I just did a fresh install of 3.9 on wheezy (by the way you should be
using Jessie at least you have a good reason not to...) and doing by
Everything gone fine except for 
a2enconf freeside-base2
a2enconf freeside-rt
that give an error but did not affect the full functionality.

Please review all step you did...

Fernando Kiernan
Imagenes Digitales S.A.

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