[freeside-users] Exporting customer data to external system when invoicing

Aki Häkkilä aki.hakkila at gmail.com
Tue Jun 2 22:20:04 PDT 2015


I'm planning on adding the capability of notifying an external system when
a customer has been invoiced to enable triggering sms reminders etc. This
is for freeside 3.6. My experience with freeside is limited, so pointers to
relevant documentation is appreciated if I have missed something.

I'm assuming the best approach would be to create a new billing event using
part_event-Action-template.pm. This event has access to the required
customer record information I want to export and would be triggered each
time billing is run and an invoice is generated.

I'm not sure what is required for registering the new plugin, my guess is
to add it to FS/FS/part_event/Action directory and running make
perl-modules && make install-perl-modules.

All feedback is appreciated. Should plugin questions be posted to the
freeside developers mailing list instead?

Best Regards,

Aki Häkkilä
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