[freeside-users] Makefile example for OpenBSD 5.6 & unknown option for install during make install-docs

Scott Lambert lambert at lambertfam.org
Wed Apr 15 16:44:43 PDT 2015

On Wed, Apr 15, 2015 at 03:05:56PM -0700, Edwin A. Epstein III wrote:
> Hi Sebastien,
> Thanks for your advice. I did install coreutils, and located ginstall
> that does seem to be what was needed. Replacing install with ginstall
> worked, and the man page for ginstall seems like it was the GNU
> install you were referring to.
> I've progressed through the installation of the required perl modules,
> and I'm ready to run "freeside-setup -D host.domain".  However, I get
> the following error:
> "Use of uninitialized value in <HANDLE> at /usr/local/libdata/perl5/site_perl/FS/UID.pm line 423.
> readline() on unopened filehandle at /usr/local/libdata/perl5/site_perl/FS/UID.pm line 423.
> Can't get secrets: /usr/local/etc/freeside/secrets: No such file or directory"

I am not a FreeSide user much less developer.  

1) Does /usr/local/etc/freeside exist?

2) Does /usr/local/etc/freeside/secrets exist?

3) What are their permissions?

If they don't exist, I would create the directory, with appropriated
ownership and permissions, then re-run freeside-setup.  

If the directory exists but has no secrets file, touch it into existence
and set the permissions to be the same as other files in that directory.
Probably not "other" readable.

Maybe someone with actual experience will be more helpful.  But until
they show up, I thought I'd offer some basic guesses.

Scott Lambert                    KC5MLE                       Unix SysAdmin
lambert at lambertfam.org

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