[freeside-users] Fwd: Billing Event, Skip until package suspension delay date - stopped working after upgrade to 2.3.5

John Wilson johnwilson1969 at gmail.com
Thu Jul 18 09:36:51 PDT 2013

Update on my issue with package suspension delay.

I created a new machine, Debian 7, wheezy and installed freeside 3.0

dumped my 2.3.5 database, imported to the new machine... ran
everything works... except the package suspension delay.

if this isn't a code problem... then it makes me think its a database
problem. I have looked at the tables part_event (and related) and nothing
seems out of place, I can follow the same logic that is shown in the UI.

Any ideas of what the issue could be would be greatly appreciated!!!!!!


###### info from old post with details on my problem ####

I have it set up as a package event, with the following conditions:
+customer balance age (24 days, over $50)
+skip until package suspension delay date
with the following actions:
+suspend packages ...

It suspends when it should based on balance age, but the 'skip' part
doesn't work..

I looked in the database and cust_pkg>dundate is being updated properly, i
looked at the current FS::part_event::Condition::pkg_dundate as well as my
archived copies on previous FS versions, and I do not see any change that
would cause it not to function.

As a side note, if I change the rules to 'skip until customer dundate' and
manually place a dundate in the database table cust_main->dundate, it works
as expected. Although I can't find anywhere in the UI to make a change to
that table.
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