[freeside-users] New VOIP Innovations API Interface.

Dave Burgess burgess at cynjut.com
Sun Nov 4 15:01:39 PST 2012

On 11/1/2012 1:13 PM, Ivan Kohler wrote:
> On Mon, Oct 29, 2012 at 05:38:05PM -0500, Dave Burgess wrote:
>> Ivan,
>> I just finished documenting and testing an update to the old
>> GlobalPOPs API routing.
>> Where do you want it?  SourceForge? The FreeSide website? CPAN
>> repositoy?  I'm guessing that it's really only going to be useful to
>> us, largely because it's based on your old  code.
> If it is a patch to the Freeside code (or a new module in
> FS/FS/part_export/), it would be great if you could post it to
> freeside-devel at freeside.biz, or, if you're not subscribed, just email it
> to me directly.
>> I'm going to try to get the rest of the code I've written packaged
>> up and sent to you for your review.  Nothing really cool - just a
>> couple of exports and a couple CDR importers.
> As these are pretty modular it should be easy to include them.
> Thanks!
OK - I went to check and my OLD devel account is the only one I still 
have.  I just tried sending it some mail to see what would happen using 
my old credentials.  If it works, cool.

Here's what I'm doing with the VOIPInnovations stuff:

1)  There's a new CPAN module (that VI is reviewing) that needs to be 
installed.  I've offered it to them since they have gone to the trouble 
of marking every page in their API-2.0 document with "Do Not Distribute" 
banners.  If they want to distro the thing, that's cool with me.  If 
they want it on CPAN, that's cool.  If they don't care one way or the 
other, we can put it up someplace.

2)  There are some interface modules (exports?) that need to be added to 
FreeSide.  Once I'm convinced that I haven't completely hosed everything 
on that front up, I'll post them on -devel (which should have my new 
account working by then).  I'm using the old GlobalPOPs routines as the 
basis for that, but the going is kind of slow.  I'll get it - don't worry.

3)  I also wrote a CDR Import for VI CDR record files which may or may 
not be important.  For the initial installation of historic records, it 
would probably be handy to have.  Getting the MySQL CDR thing working 
should be simple enough.  That's also on my place.

4)  Once I'm done with that, I'm going to go through the whole process 
with VoiceJump (a new provider I've been working with) and CallWithUs, 
both of whom implement slightly different APIs that perform similarly to 

Dave Burgess
Cynjut Consulting Services, LLC
402-403-4434 (Phone, FAX, and Cell)

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