[freeside-users] Upgrade

Jack Martin jack.d.martin at magicwisp.com
Thu Aug 4 17:38:07 PDT 2011

I initially started using Freeside back in Feb of 09-v1.7.3.  It has  
served me well - but I have never upgraded it.  I downloaded the VM  
back then and configured it.  I had to edit 3 files to make it work  
with Freeradius 2, unfortunately I am not sure what 3 they were.  LOL.  
  I love using the VM, and would like to upgrade to the newest one,  
(or create a new one using Ubuntu and a new install)  but I don't want  
to lose all of my information that I have.  Will it be as simple as  
starting the new VM, and exporting all of my old db info and importing  
to the new VM?  Of course after that - the plan would be to keep the  
damn thing upgraded.

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