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Ivan Kohler ivan at freeside.biz
Thu May 13 18:17:22 PDT 2010

Package definitions available as "first package" candidates are 
currently limited to packages with an explicit or implied primary 
service of svc_acct or svc_phone.

It would be fairly easy to extend that to other services (i.e. 
svc_domain, svc_pbx, or whatever).  More complicated packages would 
require more work on a one-page signup, or a new, multi-page process.

Obviously you can always setup the customer first without a package, and 
then order any package.


On Mon, Mar 15, 2010 at 01:51:16AM -0600, Uresti wrote:
> Hello:
> I have been working for the past half day trying to understand what's
> happening.
> I'm using the virtual machine appliance 1.9.1 . I did create a service
> called
> 2        inicio       svc_acct       0 active
> [ change ]
>     slipip     IP address     Fixed (unchangeable)
> domsvc     Domain     Fixed (unchangeable)     1
> applied domain to be fixed to example.com (i even provisioned another
> domain)
> I created a package that includes 1 svc_acct service
> created another with svc_phone and copied (rates, service setup, package
> VOIP #2) from your demo webpage at internet
> tried modifying
> freeside-demo:/var/www# vi
> freeside/edit/cust_main/first_pkg/select-part_pkg.html
> freeside-demo:/var/www# vi freeside/edit/cust_main/first_pkg.html
> the variable @first_svc and it's contents...
> but still I don't get a package listed neither on a new signup or from an
> account logged in to add a package. I created this user via the 'new
> customer' menu at admin.
> I also created a pop and on 'inicio' service declared that i wasn't going to
> use slip by fixed and blank.
> Created new type agents and agents, selected global and choosed them
> including internal. Tried here and there.
> Is the live appliance supposed to configured on something else to show first
> package candidates?
> Best regards, uresti

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