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Travis Dangel td at solutionsix.com
Fri Feb 26 08:25:38 PST 2010

I have Freeside 1.9.1 up and running and I'm very impressed with it thus
far. I ran an ISP a few years ago and we ended up with a home grown solution
for billing which I had always envisioned being exactly what Freeside is
today. So far, I have been able to accomplish everything I've wanted with
the package other than one thing. I can't (for what is probably going to be
a simple reason) get Freeside to email out invoices when it runs billing via
the freeside-daily script.

According to the docs you are supposed to call "freeside-daily" from the
freeside user's cron, which I was. This however returns the "Usage:"
statement in my cron output. I then changed my cron job to be
"freeside-daily fs_daily" which seems to do everything perfectly now other
than email the invoices the the users. From what I saw, there is probably a
billing event that I'm missing if its not automatically emailing? I
attempted to come up with a combination of criteria in a daily event that
will email the newly created invoices out to my users, however, have been

Right now I have a monthly event running (calling that via a cront job of
"freeside-monthly fs_daily") that is based on "Amount owed on specific
invoice:" set to "Amount owed over: 0.00" which works, however, it emails
ALL the open invoices each customer has, instead of just the most recent
with the updated total amount due. I understand this isn't the correct way
to do it, as I see in the docs it says freeside-daily should take care of
about everything I need, but I guess I'm not able to figure out the
combination of billing event criteria in a daily event that will only send
the customers their invoices immediately after they are generated, and then
not again until the next month when a new invoice is generated again.

Am I missing something silly and/or small here? Thanks in advance for any
help anyone can provide.

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