[freeside-users] editing billing dates

Nick Schmalenberger nick at schmalenberger.us
Wed Feb 3 17:07:46 PST 2010

Sometimes I am having to merge accounts for customers with
multiple packages. I am experimenting with editing the billing
dates to try to have one bill appear for both packages when the
bill would have appeared originally for the package on the first
account with reasonable charges. I have freeside 1.7.3 and I have
tried editing the dates before and after making the first invoice
after ordering the new package on the older account. 

Are there any guidelines for doing this after a 2nd package has
already been billed and paid for? I haven't had problems yet and
I assume I can probably fix it with credits later on, but I'd
like to know if there is a more systematic way to do it. I've
also tried to make the process for ordering a 2nd package on
billing-external easier to understand on our signup page :)
Thanks for any tips.
Nick Schmalenberger

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