[freeside-users] Suspend Function

Jack D. Martin Jr. jack.d.martin at magicwisp.com
Wed Mar 4 12:25:59 PST 2009

I will check it out this evening and report back - thanks for your help!!!

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> Jack D. Martin Jr. wrote:
>> I am looking at that - and see on the export config page the field.
>> What
>> is the exact sysntax?  Anything else have to be done?  This could make
>> things quite easy.
>> I assume the syntax on the sqlexport is radiusgroupname(suspendreason)
>> Is that correct???  Lots of assumption there - I can't find any
>> documentation on that function.
> I can't find any documentation on it either, other than what's in the
> source files.  Unfortunately, I don't have time to set up an
> installation of Freeside and FreeRADIUS to test the following.
> I believe what you have to do is:
> 1/ Create a suspend reason that you want to apply to users, say "No
> payment received" in reason group "Non-payment".
> 2/ Create a svc_acct with the RADIUS groups you want to apply to
> suspended users, say "nonpayment at magicwisp.com" with a group of "unpaid".
> 3/ In the "Radius group mapping to reason (via template user)" field of
> the SQL-RADIUS export, enter precisely what it asks for: the svcnum,
> username or username at domain name of your template user, a space or two,
> and then the reasonnum or text of the corresponding suspend reason, e.g.
> something like:
> 	nonpayment at magicwisp.com 4
> where 4 is the reason number of "No payment received".
> 4/ Associate the SQL-RADIUS export with the services you want to suspend.
> 5/ Make sure you use "No payment received" as the suspend reason
> whenever you suspend customers.
> Presumably you can use the same template user for lots of suspend reasons.
> I hope this helps.
> Regards,
> 	Richard Siddall
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