[freeside-users] 2 Questions About Freeside

Richard Siddall richard.siddall at elirion.net
Wed Mar 4 06:21:58 PST 2009

Jack D. Martin Jr. wrote:
> I have looked everywhere for this, but cannot find it.  I assumed it would
> be on the config page - nowhere.  I have looked in every file on the box
> that has the name cust_bill in it, but cannot find it.  I am using the
> 1.7.3 appliance - so according to your note below it should be there.  I
> am sure I am being an idiot and just not looking in the right place.  BTW
> - Awesome software!!!


Since Ivan said FREESIDE_1_7_BRANCH and not 1.7.3, I took that to mean
that cust_bill-max_same_services was added to the 1.7 branch after the
release of 1.7.3.

(A quick search of the Freeside CVS commits indicates it was added in 
Conf.pm on 9/12/2008, several months after 1.7.3 was released.)

I have not worked with the appliance version of Freeside, so I do not
know what's involved in updating your appliance to the latest CVS
version of Freeside 1.7.


	Richard Siddall

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