[freeside-users] latex weirdness

Jeff Finucane jeff at cmh.net
Sun Sep 21 12:11:18 PDT 2008

"Jeremy Davis" <lists at maximumtech.us> wrote on Mon, 15 Sep 2008 10:02:02 -0500:

| To: "'Freeside users mailing list'" <freeside-users at sisd.com>
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| Subject: [freeside-users] latex weirdness
| I know most people don't mess with latex invoices too much but I am having
| an extremely weird problem.  I can edit the latex invoice without a problem
| and it works.  However, once freeside-daily runs, it breaks the template and
| I can no longer view Typeset invoices without errors.  Anyone else having
| similar issues?  Error messages don't really help or lead to a problem.  If
| I reset the templates to default it works.  Rinse and repeat.  Any pointers?

  That certainly sounds as if you have a cron job running amok, but you
provide little detail.  I suggest you ensure LTchunksize is large enough
to prevent errors from mysteriously appearing.

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