[freeside-users] Price Plan

Emre Uyguroglu uyguremre at sunnycyprus.net
Mon Jun 9 06:00:17 PDT 2008

First of all i would like to thank for this quality free software.

What i want to achive is, a customer should be paying a fixed fee every month in advance. At the and of the month he should be suspended. But at the end of the month  if he has enough credit already in his account to pay his next month, he shouldnt be suspended.

i tried this with "prepaid flat rate" but even if he has enough credit in, he is kept suspended. I have to unsuspend, click "bill now" then pay the bill, which does the trick but manually.
When i tried it with "flat rate, aniversary"even  after manual payment in freeside the next bill date changes but the expiration date in freeradius stays the same.

i am using freeside 1.7.2 in centos.

Thanks in advance
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