[freeside-users] Freeradius version

Rob rob at stupidguytalk.org
Thu Jun 5 12:02:32 PDT 2008

The attribute should be  Cleartext-Password and the operator should be  
:= any suggestions on how to do this?




Julius Igugu wrote:
> Table usergroup is now radusergroup by default.  
> What I did was change the table name in the database to usergroup and
> alter raddb/sql.conf thus 'usergroup_table = "usergroup"' and it seems
> to work fine.
>  Julius Igugu
> SouthWork Co. Ltd.
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> Subject: [freeside-users] Freeradius version
> Hello all, can some please let me know what version o free radius is 
> compatible with Freeside?, I tried using version 2.04 but had some 
> issues....
> on another note what file format is the inventory file suppose to be in?
> Thanks to all...

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