[freeside-users] Access Number (Manual Entry?)

GlobalNet, NOC jeffa at globalco.net
Tue Aug 12 07:12:11 PDT 2008

Thats what I figured, so importing numbers is the solution.

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> GlobalNet, NOC wrote:
>> I noticed on new signup one can pick a access number from a drop downlist 
>> of
>> pre enetered access numbers..
>> Is their anyway one can enter this manually on signup?
> You could rewrite the signup page to use an edit box instead of a
> drop-down, but the backend doesn't accept arbitrary access numbers so
> you can't do anything with the data without a lot of rewriting of the 
> code.
>> Reason being I want to record what access number a customer is on, but 
>> since
>> we use globalpops as our carrier I have no idea how to get them in
>> through a mass import, so I thoought if we could manually enter it on
>> signup, that would be ok too..
> See etc/megapop.pl.
> If you're really interested in the access numbers the customers are
> using, look in the FreeRADIUS accounting records.
>> It just won't let you type anything only choose a number
>> Jeff
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> Richard Siddall
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