[freeside-users] Not Sending Invoices (Mail Setup)

GlobalNet, NOC jeffa at globalco.net
Tue Aug 12 06:54:02 PDT 2008

correct i have not changed exim
I will try your suggestion

Be nice if I could just send them to our mailserver
setup on another box but it requires smtp authentation to send

Anyway I have another question about another subject will post it seperately 
to keep threads intact
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>> Not sending invoices. New install
>> I see no error but the invoice never shows up.
>> I see in configuration that mailserver is set to localhost.
> Is the mail server configured on the freeside box?  When I install 
> freeside,
> I always remove exim (because I don't like to use it) and install postfix.
> Chances are, if you have not changed the default exim installation in any
> way then you can't send invoices by default.
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