[freeside-users] Selectable Domains

A.Mihalic amihalic at 321online.net
Wed Mar 7 14:34:33 PST 2007

Deb 3.1 freeside-1.7.2 export to freeradius w/realms
follwed the online doc's and intergrated with rt.
deb/freeside is a new flavor for me, sweet.

Set my root admin priv
made an export to my freeradius server
added service definition
added package definition
added customer and provisioned, sent data to radius
success at radius
Buzz, wrong, I must have added the wrong realm somewhere or the
sys is set to the default domain somewhere?

How do I add selectable domains like

Edit -> Service Definition->  Field: Domain > Selectable Choice.....

rtfm to get this far, plus some quality head bashing time.
yeah,did the drill on engines(mostly un-related sparse propaganda)

"Can anybody throw me a bone here"?

Thanks for your time.

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