[freeside-users] Kudos and a couple of questions

Jim Cobb jimcobb at ejourney.com
Fri Mar 2 11:37:28 PST 2007

Robert Smith is the author of "The Complete and Utter ID10T's Guide to Installing Freeside on FreeBSD".

With a little help from him outside of his notes, I was able to install FS with no problems.

I would like to thank Ivan for his work, and any others who have contributed to SISD's realease of Freeside.  

A big Thank You! to Robert for his help.
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  I may not be a programmer, but I can write some mean notes, lol.  (Only because I'm getting old and my memory fails me.)

  I'll get some notes up in the next few days to give a hand and as I get a user manual together I'll get it up.

  Again, to all who've given a hand.  Good Job.

  Thanks for the pointer to the replication, Ivan.


  Ivan Kohler wrote: 
On Wed, Feb 28, 2007 at 03:38:46PM -0600, Robert Smith wrote:
  I've got the install down pat where I can get it up and running first 
try if it every dies on me.  (So if anyone needs install notes, I've got 
them down to the stupid level so I can't mess it up no matter what.)

I did have to modify the access_user.pm to get it to work with the 
htpasswd.  (I put in the full path for it.)
If any of you who are programmers (I'm far from it) would like my notes 
so that changes can be made, I'll be glad to help anyway I can.  (I'll 
even send notes highlighted where I had to pull from earlier install 
notes or deviate in anyway.)

Ivan, I'll be doing "KISS" instructions for our users as I get this 
deployed.  If you'd like them so you can use the documentation, let me know.
Thanks for the kind words.

WRT install or usage instructions/notes - the documentation is in the 
Wiki to make it easy for folks to contribute; please feel free to pitch 
in and help.  I think a user-level manual or guide for folks just using 
an already-setup system is the biggest thing we need some help with in 

  Also, I've never set up database replication before and if anyone has 
any hints/recommendations on that let me know.  I'm planning on building 
a complete second server and running replication to it for back up and 
disaster prep.



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