[freeside-users] apache freeside upgrade issue

Damon Vincent damon at ourcomputershop.com
Fri Jun 15 21:32:16 PDT 2007

I am not sure where to go to fix this.  I have am upgrading from 1.5.8 
to 1.7.  I used the update proceedure in the wiki which worked well 
except for what I documented in the wiki.  The issue I have is now in 
the httpd-error.log I get the following.

[Mason] Cannot resolve file to component: 
/usr/local/www/data/freeside/index.html (is file outside component 
root?) at 
/usr/local/lib/perl5/site_perl/5.8.8/HTML/Mason/ApacheHandler.pm line 853.

Anyone have any suggestion on where to go?  I have reinstalled the reqs 
twice and the include line is in the httpd.conf.

thanks for any suggestions, damon

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