[freeside-users] Freeside Hosted Solutions

Peter Bowen pbowen at corp.untd.com
Fri Jan 19 13:23:29 PST 2007

Ivan - Nicely done.

Jason - You are paying for a contract or contributing back aren't you? :)
It only seems fair to share a little bit with Ivan.  I know it's not
required, but he does put out a pretty good product... and doesn't get much
in return. ;) Good luck.


On 1/19/07 11:02 AM, "Ivan Kohler" <ivan at 420.am> wrote:

> On Thu, Jan 18, 2007 at 07:30:06PM -0800, Cal wrote:
>> Wow! That has to be the biggest jerk move I have ever
>> seen.  Poor form man.  Good luck in your future
>> endeavors.
> Your sample size of jerk moves must be pretty small if this is the
> biggest one you've ever seen.  :)
> Let's not jump down Jason's throat too bad - hosted services are
> something I've offered in the past and something that is requested now
> and again - I'm sure he just wanted to put that out there to help
> people looking for that sort of service.
> At the same time it pretty obvious that no one wants this sort of thing
> on the mailing list.  :) I would suggest we create a section of the Wiki
> for folks who would like to list the hosted solutions they offer, like
> the "Commercial services" page in there.  Jason, perhaps you would like
> to create such a page and put yourself as the first listing?

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