[freeside-users] freeside-setup failure: Unknown table

Jordan Webb jordanwebb at dna-communications.com
Wed Oct 25 19:16:58 PDT 2006

> > | I get a bunch of warnings like this:
> > | 
> > | NOTICE:  CREATE TABLE / PRIMARY KEY will create implicit index
> > | "cust_pay_refund_pkey" for table "cust_pay_refund"
> This is expected, it is creating the database tables.


> > | ...and finally, it dies like this:
> > | 
> > | Unknown table cust_main_county at
> This is unexpected - it is trying to insert the initial data 
> in the tables 
> and dying.  Are the tables actually created in the db?  Are there any 
> other errors before this besides the NOTICEs about indices?

No, the tables don't actually get created.  There is nothing in my
database.  There are no other messages; I only get NOTICEs about
implicit sequences and indexes, and finally the Unknown table message.

Could there be something weird going on with my copy of DBD::Pg or my
PostgreSQL installation?  I'm pretty sure that it's actually connecting
to the database, since I'm getting those notices back and also because
it gave me a connection failure message instead of this when I messed up
the login information the first time around.


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