[freeside-users] 1.5.8 released

Ivan Kohler ivan at 420.am
Mon May 22 11:15:49 PDT 2006


I'm pleased to announce the release of Freeside 1.5.8, a current release 
in the 1.5 series.  1.5 releases are suitable for production by advanced 
users who are comfortable making database schema changes each point 

A 1.5.8 upgrade is recommended for anyone running any previous 1.5.* 

de561871af2da65b374b0a75092624d8  freeside-1.5.8.tar.gz

Also, we're looking for a maintainer for a schema-stable 1.6.* series 
based on this release.  See my message to the -devel list for more 

Major new features and updates since 1.5.7:
- Added prepaid packages that set the RADIUS "Expiration" attribute and
  auto-suspend on their next bill date
- Added banned card table and option to send customer cards there on 
- Bulk svcpart change
- Integrated RT upgraded to 3.4.4

- Re-did billing section of customer edit, should be much less confusing
- Redo quick payment entry page with ajax magic
- Redid account view and edit pages, add ability to edit uid/gid if conf
  options for it are turned on
- cust-fields configuration value to control which customer fields are 
  shown on reports
- Moved account search (httemplate/search/svc_acct.cgi), cust_pkg search
  (httemplate/search/cust_pkg.cgi) and others to new template
- add unlinked mail forward (svc_forward) report
- Moved to XMLHttpRequest instead of hidden iframe transport for 
  progress bar
- Also use XMLHttpRequest for retreiving states rather than send a huge 
  page for customer add/edit, much faster

- Added active/suspended/cancelled customer packages to agent browse

- Added maximum "cap" options to RADIUS usage charges
- Added support for maestro/switch/solo cards, including start date and 
  issue number
- Added agent/taxclass/card type-specific gateway overrides for people 
  with multiple payment gateways for different resellers, taxclasses 
  and/or card types
- Explicit payment types for cash and (optionally) western union

- Tax report updated, per-agent option and most items now clickable

- Added a Cpanel export
- Added a native Radiator export
- Added an export to everyone.net outsourced mail service


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