[freeside-users] menubar and header deprecated in part_svc.cgi file

Milimo Majele Munyati munyatim at coppernet.zm
Wed Jul 5 01:41:56 PDT 2006

Hi again,

I am trying to add new services through the service definition part of
Freeside and the log I am getting in the apache logs are :- 

FS::CGI::menubar deprecated; include /elements/menubar.html instead
at /usr/local/apache/htdocs/freeside/browse/part_svc.cgi line 32

FS::CGI::header deprecated; include /elements/header.html instead
at /usr/local/apache/htdocs/freeside/browse/part_svc.cgi line 32

This is the text on line 32 and I have no idea how yo go abouts editing

<% header("$action Service Definition",
           menubar( 'Main Menu'         => $p,
                    'View all service definitions' =>

The services are not added to the table svc_domain when I click on the
add button.

What to do?? please help...

best regards


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