[freeside-users] Adding new service definition fails

Steve Muchai smuchai at wananchi.com
Sun Oct 9 23:15:17 PDT 2005


I've installed Freeside 1.5.7, on RedHat 9, Apache 1.3.33, Mason 1.3101,
mod_perl 1.29. Postgresql version is 7.3.2-3, DBI-0.94, DBD-Pg-1.22. I've
double-checked all Perl modules using CPAN.pm and gone thru the install
steps a third time, to the letter.

Initially I had a problem with a horde of ssh processes going defunct, and
I used the workaround at

Now the problem is that when I try adding a service definition, the
"submitting job to server" dialog shows up and stays on forever. The
service is not created.

The apache error log says:

FS::CGI::table deprecated; include /elements/table.html instead at
/var/www/freeside/edit/part_svc.cgi line 178
FS::CGI::table deprecated; include /elements/table.html instead at
/var/www/freeside/edit/part_svc.cgi line 195



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