$GENERATE records in BIND

Vlad Sedov stereomind at gmail.com
Wed May 11 20:56:55 PDT 2005

hello list - 

I could not find a way to add $GENERATE records into BIND through freeside.

is anyone using $GENERATE records?  I was thinking about hacking that
little option into freeside. These types of records are very handy for
ISP's with lots of IP addresses for dialup, broadband, etc.

a refresher for those that forgot ;-) - 

$GENERATE 20-220 dialup-192-168-100-$.mydomain.net. A 192.168.100.$

..will generate:

dialup-192-168-100-20.mydomain.net   IN   A
dialup-192-168-100-21.mydomain.net   IN   A
dialup-192-168-100-220.mydomain.net   IN   A

it's a neat one-liner to make the zone files look a bit more readable,
and saves you from having to type a million lines.



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