Freeside and Radius sql

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Thu May 5 08:13:39 PDT 2005

Hi Peter, 

When I looked into this issue in the 1.4.1 version, the queries were being 
dramatically slowed down by the way the time-data parameters are submitted, 
parsed, and queried-on.  I hacked up my freeside query routines to make the 
time-data values more optimal for Postgresql.  For the 8.x series, 
Postgresql developer Tom Lane was adding some optimizations to Postgresql to 
improve its performance w.r.t. to various time-data queries.  I haven't 
upgraded to 8.0 yet, though.  And yes, I also added some indexes to my 
radius tables.  I can dig through my code next week - but maybe someone else 
has a quicker or better fix. 

Scott Langley
scott at
Systems Administrator
Rural Network Services 

Peter Kolbe writes: 

> Hi
> I have freeside1.5.0pre6
> using postgresql export to database for the radius 
> When I do a lookup on a username (ising freeside)
> it takes ages as it parses the radius database. 
> Any idea on how to speed this part up, (anything that needs to be indexed_? 
> Peter
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