[freeside] International Characters -- Error: Illegal (text) (error code illegal_text) state: M?laga

Karl Hiramoto karl at hiramoto.org
Mon Jan 17 07:25:34 PST 2005

Hello again, 

I´m still having problems with international characters.  I tried 
setting LANG=C

host root # env |grep LANG
host root # /etc/init.d/apache restart
 * Stopping 
[ ok ]
 * Starting apache...   

In the apache configuration I placed

I also was able to reproduce the same error on the webdemo.   And took a 

URL of test:

the offending character in this case is hex code 0xE1  and there are 
some other characters I need as well.   

The other error I have is:  Error: Unknown state/county/country: A//ES
Here is another screen shot of the problem:

ivan wrote:

>try making sure LANG="C" when Apache is started.  There is not currently 
>an internationalization framework.

On Sun, Jan 02, 2005 at 11:23:01PM +0100, Karl Hiramoto wrote:

>> In the country ES (Spain) there is the province of M?laga
>> i get the error of:
>> Error: Illegal (text) (error code illegal_text) state: M?laga
>> I believe the "?" character is causing the server to error.
>> If i change to a state/region that does not have the character, it works 
>> fine.  
>> URL of error 
>> http://server//masondocs/edit/cust_main.cgi?custnum=1;agentnum=1;refnum=2;referral_custnum=;last=test;first=user;ss=;company=;address1=None;address2=;city=Malaga;state=M%E1laga;zip=29600;country=ES;daytime=;night=;fax=;invoicing_list_POST=POST;invoicing_list=POST;CARD_payinfo=;CARD_month=1;CARD_year=2005;CARD_payname=;CARD_paycvv=;DCRD_payinfo=;DCRD_month=1;DCRD_year=2005;DCRD_payname=;DCRD_paycvv=;CHEK_payinfo1=;CHEK_payinfo2=;CHEK_month=12;CHEK_year=2037;CHEK_payname=;DCHK_payinfo1=;DCHK_payinfo2=;DCHK_month=12;DCHK_year=2037;DCHK_payname=;LECB_month=12;LECB_year=2037;LECB_payname=;BILL_payinfo=;BILL_month=12;BILL_year=2037;BILL_payname=;payby=COMP;COMP_payinfo=Karl;COMP_month=1;COMP_year=2005;comments=;otaker=karl;tax=;payinfo=Karl;paydate=1-2005;error=Illegal%20%28text%29%20%28error%20code%20illegal_text%29%20state%3A%20M%E1laga
>> I just installed today using HTML::Mason on gentoo linux with apache 
>> 1.3.33 and postgresql backend. All installed all the perl modules today 
>> from CPAN so they would be the latest version.  freeside-1.5.0pre6
>> On another question how much internationalization is there?   For 
>> example since I?m in Spain if there was a way to configure multiple 
>> languages available for customers to use the self signup it would be 
>> nice..  I?m willing to do some translation help if necessary.
>> What I had in mind was on the self signup the users could select 
>> between  English, Spanish (Espa?ol) or German(Deutsch) for example.
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